Bunny Mudra is formed by placing the thumb, ring finger and little finger tips together and softly extending the index and middle fingers.  Either or both hands can be used.  The fingers can wiggle like bunny ears and the mudra can 'hop' softly from side to side also.
Bunny Mudra is about softening.  The image is 'soft as a bunny'.  When you find yourself getting 'bristly' or upset about something in the past, future or present moment, use Bunny Mudra to remind yourself to soften around that thought. 
Tell your friends about Bunny Mudra.  You can use it to signal to each other to soften when things may be getting tense or uptight.  You can apply Bunny Mudra directly to the body to remind yourself or another to soften around that thought.
Spread the Bunny Mudra
Repeat the Bunny Mantra:
'Soften more Often'

Brought to you by the Universe via Felicia and Nancy - Tucson, AZ

Bunny ears photo by Nepenthes; Black Rabbit photo by Ximinez

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